Tackle-it Tuesday – decluttering my bookshelf

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My bookshelf has been bugging me for a few weeks so I decided to tackle it.

When I finish reading a book, I rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. I only keep 8’s and above. But then I don’t keep all 8’s either.

So I have to go through this decluttering process every so often because I refuse to expand my collection to other parts of the house.

Before – from the side
and from the front (I had to sit to get the whole thing in because there’s only 1m to work with)


these are the 10 books that were decluttered

Look at this section on the bottom shelf. Do you see how I layered the books on the left so they fit in nicely? And I like how that Keri Smith book sticks out. It says “play is the most important element in discovering who you are“. Those orange post-its are marking the good bits as I mentioned before in this post.

And this is that same section from the front – now you can see the spine of Keri Smith’s Living out Loud (thoroughly recommend it, by the way)

What did you tackle today, or what do you need to tackle?

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