My favourite organising tools #5 – timers

I mentioned in yesterday’s post on focus that I have a special something to help me stay focussed.

This is it – a timer.

It is one of my favourite organising tools for these three reasons:

  1. it keeps me focussed and on task
  2. it helps me to work quickly
  3. it helps me to plan for project work

You know that work expands to find the time available? This is called Parkinson’s Law. That’s why if you plan to clean your house the entire day, you will take the entire day. But if you’re going out and you only have 2 hours to do it, it will get done in that time.

1. I use this one in the kitchen (because the oven one doesn’t work properly) and in the laundry area. When I have something in the oven (like now as I’m typing this), I take the timer with me so I don’t forget about my cooking.

2. And I use this one in my study for the computer and in the bedroom when I’m sorting cupboards or doing some quick reorganising (like I need to do this weekend with my handbags)

Do you use timers? How else do you use them?

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