A cool timer – Journal feature in Outlook

I just wanted to quickly share something that’s been working GREAT for me with keeping focussed while I’m working (and playing) on the computer.

It’s the journal feature in Outlook.

All you do to activate it is click on the green Journal button to open. Then open a new Journal, and click Start Timer. Then the little clock starts ticking.

When I start blogging, for instance, I turn the Journal on and start the timer. The mere fact that that timer is ticking away keeps me on track and focussed.

Since I’ve started using this, I realised, for instance, that I write very quickly but it’s the uploading of photos to blogger that takes all the time 🙂

I am getting a lot more done on project work because I know how much time I have allotted to do something, and so I just dive in and get it done.

It also gets rid of the perfectionism monster because I don’t let myself waste time thinking about the perfect word; instead I just write from my heart and hope my readers get what I’m trying to say 🙂

And if you’re competitive like me, you can make a game out of it – say, how many emails can you get through in 30 minutes?

Anyway, just thought I’d share.

I know that Suzanne uses the Journal to keep track when she’s on the phone with a customer services rep. Oh my – if I did that yesterday, it would have racked up 48 minutes to Telkom to report the fault on our telephone line!

Does anyone else use the journal and HOW?

WAIT – before you go, please weigh in here too…

I’m of two minds as to whether or not I should participate in the bloggy giveaways thing next week.

Honestly, I don’t know if there’s any real purpose because (I may be wrong) it seems like it’s just a “grab as much as you can” fest 🙂 Hey – I love sales as much as the next gal!

But 1) you get a ton of traffic for 2 days and then back to normal 2) most people don’t ship outside the US so I don’t even bother to participate (except in the blog header competitions!) 3) I don’t know if other businesses actually get an increase in sales?

I really would LOVE to know what you think, but especially if you have your own business, then please weigh in (you can stay anonymous if you want :))

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