Favourite organising tool #14 – mesh bags

These two mesh bags have a very important job in my life.

They help to keep my handbag organised. One has my makeup and the other has the medication I’m taking at the moment and my sweetener.

The pink one came in a set of three (for only R12,99 [$1,30] at Sheet Street – I know, crazy!) and I use the biggest of those to keep all my smaller bits and pieces organised when the handbag I’m using is just one big open cavern.

I can’t STAND scratching around looking for things. So all I have to do is haul the mesh bag out, get my wallet or car keys, and I’m good to go.

Why do I like these mesh bags to organise?

  • I can categorise
  • When I’m transferring items between handbags, I can quickly decide if I need it with me or not
  • It’s see-through and I have a sincere love for any clear storage tools

Do you use smaller bags to organise your handbag? What other uses can you think of for mesh bags?

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