Help! I need your best DROP cookie (biscuit) recipes

The baking for Christmas has started in earnest.

But I only have one good recipe for drop cookies (we call them biscuits) and I need your help.

I don’t want to just google “drop cookies” as I want recipes that people have actually tried and tested. And loved to eat!

Like my oatmeal cookies, the easiest things in the world to make.

Why drop cookies?

I don’t do the “normal” ones, the ones where you roll the dough in flour and cut out with shapes – far, far too much work and way too messy!

Unfortunately I’m not in the least bit crafty so this is how they’ll be presented to people.

Please share your favourite recipes for drop cookies with me.

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P.S. So far two of those huge formula tins filled with biscuits have been handed out; I have another two wrapped and ready on my launch pad to go next.

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