Easy baking

I am soooo not a fan of the baking mess although I do love to bake.

Actually, it’s the eating part of the baking I really love 😉

So to avoid the kitchen looking like this every time I feel like baking something…

I measure out 3 sets of ingredients.

I then label the outside of the containers with masking tape so I know which container has which dry ingredients.

It’s not very difficult because I usually only bake muffins and these oatmeal cookies.

Then when I feel the urge to bake, all I do is get one of these containers, add the wet ingredients and load the dough onto the baking trays.

Baking then takes about 10 minutes so saves me LOTS of time and best of all, NO MESS!

What are your best baking tips?

P.S. I was all done with Christmas baking but then on Christmas Eve I found these Cowboy cookies on Bakerella’s site. They made me absolutely DROOL so I rushed home from work and got baking. And they’re delicious.

That could explain the extra weight I’m carrying…

As with almost anything though, I can’t seem to follow a recipe exactly as is so I’ve changed it a bit to suit our household (I weed out ingredients I’m not likely to have in my pantry).

P.P.S. Why is it that when you go into a homeware store you suddenly see the CUTEST baking utensils that, until that very moment, you didn’t know you absolutely had to have? You’ll be happy to know I was very strong and bravely walked out the store.

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  1. great tip! the PPS part gets me sometimes with not only baking stuff… so i try to stop and think twice while waiting for my turn at the cashier.

  2. This is a GREAT idea. I never, ever thought about doing the dry ingredients in advance, but it makes perfect sense if you’ve got everything out. Thanks for this!

  3. Question: where do you keep the dry ingredients you’ve measured out and for how long will they keep?

    • Marcia Francois says

      Meredith, I usually mark the container with the expiry date of the flour which is usually the first thing that may not keep. However, I have baking sprees so I’ll measure out three sets but they’ll all be baked within a couple of weeks 🙂

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