I’m in love with these beauties

Look what I found – gorgeous, colourful cutlery caddies.

Of course, cutlery is really the last thing I thought of when I saw these as I immediately had other plans for them.

In the babies’ room this holds their sleep and classical CDs, nose drops (I’d never even HEARD of saline nose drops before the babies were born!) and other such medicinal stuff (lovely and vague, isn’t it?).

I’m not the only one who loves this gorgeous, bright caddy – Connor literally whirls that head of his around to look at this thing if he so much as catches a glance of it. LOL

That was my original purchase.

After a few days of looking at the loveliness, I couldn’t resist and I went back to get another one. Thank goodness they still had some left.

This time for my study/ home office.

I was all about simplifying and increasing space on the desk, especially now that I’ve added a plant.

A plant I received as a gift because, just in case you didn’t know this about me, I do NOT have the gift of growing plants. In fact, it’s more honest to say I kill them. Fortunately my friend bought me a plant that came with instructions so it’s already lasted 4 months which is a BIG record for me.

The caddy now holds a few pens, my camera cable and stapler (don’t you like the way the stapler hangs off the side) and a couple of notebooks I use on a daily/ weekly basis.

Which other uses can you think of for these beauties?

P.S. They’re R49,99 each at Mr Price Home.
P.P.S. Mr P is not paying me a single cent to write about the caddies.

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  1. Love them indeed! I’m looking for one such thing for my cleaning stuff, but so far no luck, so I’m just using plastic basket in the various rooms (kitchen, bathroom and living room). Oh, and they would be great for all the “I really need that to get back to looking human in the morning” stuff too, wouldn’t they??

  2. I have a basket that is like that caddie, made for cutlery and napkins, but I have never used it for that either. In a previous home, I used it for bills and pens and the calculator. Maybe, I should find that basket again!

  3. Marcia Francois says

    Chloe, I love the idea of using it for make-up too.

    Marci, that’s a great idea to use it for your bills. BTW< love your new pic 🙂

  4. We use these for our school supplies: pens, pencils, markers – perfect!!!
    They make a fabulous gift for a special friend just pop in a couple of crafty goodies – pipe cleaners and markers and what not and your kids best friend becomes your best friend too!!!
    Scroll down to see ours:

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