Save money. Make your own baby food

My babies will be 9 months old tomorrow (gosh! where has the time gone?) and have still not had a drop of Purity (our local jarred baby food, for the non-South Africans) pass their lips.

I will admit – I nearly, nearly cracked this weekend when we had two SPECTACULAR power failures, but I didn’t.

Still, there was NO WAY I was going to be spending R6 per baby for a jar of baby food, 2 – 3 times a day.

After all, I have twins (my new excuse for being cheap :))

So I decided to try my hand at making my own.

It’s a lot easier than you think especially if you cook them in batches instead of cooking daily.

We bought a butternut squash for R12,78 (let’s not forget the 78c ;)) and it made all these portions.

6 portions for Connor and 6 for Kendra.

That’s at least 9 jars of baby food = R54

Saving = R41

You can save even more money when you use cheaper vegetables like sweet potato.

Another way I like to save money on our food is this – every month there is one week (happens to be this week) where I cook from the freezer and pantry.

I’m forced to get creative using strange combinations of whatever cans and bits of frozen food I have, all to empty it out.

Sometimes these strange combinations work really well, like a potato bake I now regularly make with a can of sweet corn stirred in.

How do you save money on food?

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  1. I used to make baby food for my kids when they were tiny. It’s surprisingly easy! And it saves so much! I’ve recently started using my bread machine everyday again, and that’s saving some money. Any at my daughters urging, I’ve stopped buying most prepackaged snack foods in favor of fruit. Cost effective AND super-healthy!

  2. I made my own too. I used frozen veggies if fresh was out of season (in Canada it’s quite frequent) and peas were very popular around here. I froze them in ice cube trays and then stored the ice cubes into labelled ziplocs, less waste and I could mix and match as I wanted.

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