Tell me about your favourite pen

I have a very slight obsession with lovely pens.

By lovely I don’t necessarily mean expensive or good-looking but I do mean the way the pen writes.

I’ve loved THICK gel pens for a good few years now but the problem with the standard ones is this: if those caps go missing, you have leaky ink all over your gorgeous handbag!

Enter these lovelies.

Oh my! They are delicious!

they’re all in one so no caps will go missing (big plus)

they write like a dream as they’re medium point (0.7) and

they come in yummy colours (pink, purple, sky blue, dark green, dark blue, dark red, etc.) as well as the standard (boring) blue and black 😉

My favourite colours are the sky blue and pink.

They’re a bit more expensive than standard gel pens at R25 each (South African readers – I get them at CNA) but WELL worth every single rand.

As you see in the pic above, mine just never go missing 🙂 and because I write with a whole variety of colours, they each last about a year!

If you’ve tried these pens, let me know in the comments. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! Let the pen love begin.

Seriously though, which are your favourite pens and why? Do you have any strange pen weirdness? 🙂

P.S. I’m not receiving a single cent for promoting these pens. The simple truth is that I LOVE them!

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  1. Sílvia says

    Hi, Marcia! I’m also in love with pens! But I’m a little ‘weirder’ than you, because I loooove pencils as well! 😀
    I carry one of these babies ( in my purse. They are small and have a reeeally soft writing.

    In my pencil case, I carry one pen and one pencil with the same size as this pen I posted the pic. I love everything that’s related to pens (pens, pencils, magic markers, erasers and so on. I even got one magic marker that can be erased!). 🙂

    Cheers from Brazil!

  2. Sílvia says

    Actually, I was looking them, are these Pilot pens?? If so, that’s the one I keep in my pencil case… the purple one and a pencil that is equal to the pen, but it’s a pencil. 🙂

  3. Hi Marcia, did I miss the brand name of those gel pens? They look fun. I’m a big fan of pens too (and yes, dark blue and black are boring, aren’t they?)

  4. Oops, I clicked on the pic and saw the name “Pilot”. That’s what happens when you get older and can’t see as well, lol. I’ll have to look for those, thanks much.

  5. I work in a medical office and we get pens for free every so often. My favorites are the thicker pens (makes holding much easier on my hands) that are gel typed.

  6. Amy Welk says

    I can only write with fountain pens, or else my handwriting is illegible! I have an expensive parker, but my favorite is a yellow, fine-tipped Lamy. I have had a few Lamy’s, actually. A green one which I lost, and a silver one which I have, but I don’t use much since the tip is thicker.

  7. We are so much alike! Not only am I a purse lover, I collect pens as well, how cool! What sucks is when for some reason, I end up with not a ONE in my purse when I need it, lol. I try to keep one or two in there because you never know when you need them 😉

  8. Marcia, I love pens, too~in many colors! My favorites are the good old Flair felt tip pens!

  9. Marcia,
    I am a fountain pen lover and had a wonderful Parker that I used for almost 30 years. Parker no longer makes a pen that uses a bladder that you can fill with bottled ink (or if they do, I cannot afford it). I now have a fountain pen that writes with a medium tip that is not as nice as the Parker but it does have cartridges of various colors. My favorites are Teal and Purple. That pen only stays at home for fear of losing it. The ones I carry in my purse (love my purses, too) are Uniball vision – fine tip – that come in many colors. Favs of this pen are purple and green. Are you sensing a theme here, although I do use black ink at the office. Thanks for letting me share this info. Do like to reminise about my old Parker pen!

  10. I like the Pilot ones – but I like Sarasa pens even better. They write slightly smoother and have even more lovely colors.

  11. Okay, I got some of the Pilot G2 gel pens! Through their site I found out in the U.S. the thickest are the bold (but limited in colors) and then the fine comes next. They also come in extra fine and also ultra fine. I had to go with the fine as I like a thicker line also (due to eye challenges) but wanted more colors. Love the pens, thank you for sharing!

    Must say I’ll be looking at the Sarasa pens too soon. And I’m a Flair fan too. Must be all the colors I think!! 🙂

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