The perfect notebook

I spied this notebook at our offices and had to take a quick pic because it is SUPER cute!

look at the bookmark – isn’t it too darling with all the cars?

This is not my perfect notebook although it has a few things going for it – cuteness and that bookmark.

These are the things I love in a notebook

something that feels good to touch (am very tactile)
beautiful colour
lined paper (canNOT write in a straight line)
the lines must accommodate my medium to large handwriting
pocket on inside to keep bits of paper (otherwise I make my own pocket)
satin bookmark to mark my place
elastic to close – this is not a biggie but I do like things all neat and in their place
spiral-bound for the one that lives on my desk so it stays flat and I can rip out paper if need be. normal for the one that lives in my handbag.

What does your perfect notebook look like?

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  1. That was a incredibly good read,I await many more post from you.

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