Confessions of a professional organiser (2) – photos

Be gentle with me.

I have another confession.

Of all the aspects of my life, after the library books (since I wrote that post, I’ve actually been very good about returning them on time. Who knew that airing my dirty laundry would fix my issues???), the next area that is most disorganised is my photos.

Strangely, they probably don’t seem disorganised to the majority of the population but to me, they’re desperately disorganised.

Also, I don’t seem to have a system for printing and displaying photos.

The only time I print some is if either I buy a beautiful photo frame or I’m given one as a gift.

The other day at work someone suggested I get a digital photo frame to display pics of my gorgeous babies (yes, I’m biased).

Immediately I jumped to conclusions and said, “oh, that’s way too expensive” until I heard what it cost – between R500 and R700.

My word, that’s almost nothing when you consider the cost of printing!

I felt like such an idiot though for simply assuming it was out of my budget.

I am now the very proud owner of a digital photo frame and I’m pleased that I (almost) never have to print photos again 🙂

How often do you print photos? What do you do with them?

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  1. I only print them when I want to paper scrap. I still have old pictures, pre-digi-era, which are a mess, but I’m very organised with my digital pictures. I use a great software (which I don’t want to mention here but I’d be happy to let you know of, if you want me to!) where I can tag the pictures with who and what is on there, what event it was, etc. I have my pix renamed by date (, so it’s in order) and filed in a year-month file system.

  2. I am terrible Marcia I dont print unless my daughter wants some pics of her and her friends. I do keep all the sd cards though so I have the pics. I have a digital frame too.
    About a year ago I printed some pics to display around the house of family and friends. The professional ones that get doneor Angel are all hung up though.
    I too have been really good with the library thing .
    If I have never said thanks I am taking the time now to thank a few bloggers that have helped me so much and enouraged and supported me in organizing and maintaining a clean house. YOu are one of them.
    So a big big thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have two identical external hard rives with pictures organized in weeks by dates under each year. AS to printing – I am making photobooks. Started this year and moving backwards.

  4. I print photos when I am ready to scrapbook them or am planning to share them with someone. Something that I have started to do with photos is to go to a website where I can download and print photos, such as Walgreens. I download my pictures and then I make a collage on their website for my family. I have started doing this for family holidays, birthdays and get togethers. It is so much fun. The collage, which is 8×11 and has up to 20 pics on it can be framed or it can be put into a scrapbook or album. The kids have really enjoyed this and it gives us all a small visual memory of the good time shared. 🙂 presently, as far as printing out photos…. I am just getting around to scrapbooking last Christmas. It is memorable to us as it was DH’s mom’s last Christmas and she was with us on Christmas day. And of course now I wish I had taken more pics …. sigh… but I have this to share and remember and it makes my hubby pleased. 🙂

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