So you’ve bought all these downloadable products. How do you get them to work for you?

I love the internet and all the wonderful ways we can work together even though we’re on opposite ends of the world.

I get a real kick out of working with a client in the US knowing that I’m in South Africa. Isn’t it amazing?

With email, Skype, online chat, podcasts, e-books and audio downloads, there is so much out there!

So how do you make all this e-learning work for you?

1. Decide what you want and use only that

You don’t have to use absolutely every tool. Many e-books or programmes offer far more than we actually have time for or need. Use only what you want.

If you buy an e-book and only need 3 out of the 5 topics covered, then start with those 3 and if you have time for the rest (and want to carry on), then continue. But don’t feel compelled to do so.

I invest in a large number of programmes and many of them include video. Since I’m not into video, I just use the rest of the tools.

2. Think out of the box and make it work for you

If you don’t enjoy spending lots of time on the computer, print out the e-course or e-book and sit outside in the garden while you work through the lesson.

Did you know that you can listen to a PDF document? Go to View and select Read Out Loud.

Download podcasts or MP3s and listen to them in the gym, while you’re driving or while you do your filing in your study (this is exactly what I do with all audio downloads and podcasts).

3. Know your learning style

Are you a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner? I’ll give you a very quick run-down:

  • You’re visual if you read, watch TV or surf the internet/ blogs to relax.
  • You’re auditory if you listen to music or talk to a friend to relax.
  • You’re kinesthetic if you play sport or do a physical activity to relax.

More than 60% of people are visual learners. I’m a visual learner too and I definitely prefer e-courses or e-books to audio products.

Realise that no e-product or programme will ever be 100% perfect for you but if you take what you need and use it, you will have the success you intended to have when you bought it.

Here’s a link to my e-store where you can have a look at all the organising goodies 🙂 and see which suits your style best.

What is your learning style?

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  1. I’m definitely visual. When I don’t understand a word, I don’t ask to say it again, I ask “how do you write it?”! I’m learning best when I read, especially when there are charts, pictures, visual helps like that. And I do second what you said about having to pick. It’s not because it exists that I have to have it, it’s not because it’s free that it’s a gift!

  2. I read something recently that I just remembered now – if you’re visual-tactile, a paper planner is best for you.

    No wonder I love a paper planner so much – I am definitely tactile as well as visual

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