How do you organise your jewellery?

When I posted the first question of the week  6 weeks ago, Melina wrote to me and asked me this question:

How do you keep your earrings, bracelets and necklaces organised?

I referred her to the search button on the left of the blog because I’ve blogged before about organising jewellery 🙂

So, how do YOU keep your jewellery organised?

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  1. Mmmm, I don’t have much jewelry so it’s not really an issue. There my watch and a necklace I wear everyday so that stays next to the bathroom sink during the night, and the rest is in a box. It’s not organized and that’s probably what prevent me to change jewelry more often and use what I have: when I try to pull one necklace out, everything come with!

  2. Hi Marica,

    Aside for my wedding rings which are most of the time on my fingers they are placed in their original box when not worn. I only have one gold set which (does not consist of earings since my ears aren’t pierced) is kept in a long box (the type that come with necklaces or tenise braclets or even those pricey watches.) Everything else is kept according to colour/made up sets in those deep square boxes (the type you’d get with those fashion watches or jewellery)

    Therfore I would make up sets according to colour which I place in it’s own box. It’s deep enough to hold a fashion watch or bracelet, necklace, ring, and clip on earings (if I am lucky enough to find a cute pair that not only matches the set but is to my liking.)

    So when I’m preparing my outfit for the next day of work or just before going to an event, I just take out a box that has the colours I need to match with or accent the outfit I intend to wear.

    What do you think about this Marcia?

  3. Sonja, I think that’s a fantastic idea.

    So simple and best of all, EFFECTIVE!

    And Chloe, I’m also very minimalist. I wear my wedding ring and one other on my other hand 98% of the time. The rest of the time I’ll choose one of two others. I only wear pearl earrings so that’s easy too. My problem is watches (search the blog – I’ve posted before) and these hand-stamped jewellery which I love – I have about 5 pendants 🙂

  4. I am working on this I have cleared out a dresser drawer and put a tray in there right now and I think I am going to organize using plastic icecube trays.

  5. Diane, I did just that, I have a dedicated dresser drawer for my boxes that contain my jewellery.

  6. I bought a large wooden toolbox with small drawers that are felt lined. I got it at Lowe’s for about $50 which is far cheaper than the jewelry boxes and jewelry furniture you buy. If you can’t afford the nice wooden one you can get plastic toolboxes or tackle boxes for organizing and storing your jewlry. I have a large drawer for my silver, another large one for my silver & turquoise and then use the smaller ones for my gold, pearls, etc. I don’t wear any jewelry around the house. Right before I leave I go put on my jewelry and as soon as I get home I go to the jewelry box and take it back off and put it where it belongs.

  7. Elizabeth says

    I use a large, clear tackle box – well, actually more than one because I love costume jewelery, especially rings! The clear box is great because you can see through the lid. The tackle boxes are great because the movable dividers mean you can make the sections as large or small as you need. If you put similar colours together it makes it even easier to choose the perfect accessory for your outfit!!

  8. Hi Marcia,
    I am big on jewellery, I have alot (mostly inexpensive beads etc) so the need to have it organised is very important to me. I have an old mug/coffee cup holder (probably from the 70’s) that is a wooden stand with little straight pieces of wood coming out at all angles, instead of hooks. I hang my bangles and bracelets on the arms, colour coded. I have alot of long dangly earings which I hang from a piece of wire stretched between 2 hooks stuck on the mirror, about 60cm apart. Like a mini clothes-line for the earings. For my stud earings like pearls, I use a large piece of firm sponge (like the type florists use to push flower stems into , in an arrangment) and push the studs into the sponge. This way it protects them from being scratched or rubbing against each other in a container. (I have fake pearls which damage easily 🙂 ) I keep the stud backings in a little dish. For my necklaces, I use stick on hooks, on the inside of my wardrobe door. I have about 15 hooks lined up, with all the necklaces hanging there grouped into colours. I really love having all my jewellery separated so it doesnt take a minute to grab the right colour without having to de-tangle everything 🙂
    Thank for the blog I am a huge fan.

  9. I kept thinking I needed a new jewelry box, and was always fawning over beautiful, hand-carved wood boxes lined with rich velvet, or pawing at the super-efficient modern designs with drawers and movable dividers and cubbies and whatnot. After years of shopping for just the perfect thing, I realized my mom’s hand-me-down jewelry box really was the best place to keep what is, after all, mostly my mom’s hand-me-down jewelry (even my wedding rings are hers!).

    The fact that I’m not a big jewelry wearer probably makes a difference, because I’m not rooting around in there daily trying to match with an outfit–it’s really just a special occasion thing for me, and I know what I have, so…most of the rooting around is in my head before I even open the box.

  10. Hi Marcia,

    You know I have a system for this! 🙂

    Necklaces: I took a beautiful wooden hook rack from Indonesia (made for hanging coats or dishtowels) and repurposed it for necklaces. There are 8 hooks, and each one gets either a particular color (all blue necklaces) or style (all delicate chain necklaces).

    Earrings: I bought a professional earring display that rotates and is full of little holes, so I can see all of my earrings at once.

    Rings: I have a box that used to be full of chocolate squares. Once the chocolates were gone, the compartments were perfect for rings.

    Bracelets: I have a professional bracelet display that is essentially 3 tiered sections of round wood. The bracelets slide on, you can see them all easily.

    Oversized jewelry and things that don’t hang well: I have a drawer insert with multiple compartments that keeps all the extras organized.

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