Question of the week – cell phone etiquette

One of my pet peeves is when people are talking to me, their cell phone rings and they take the call.

Personally, I feel disrespected as it’s like I’m less important than the call, or the person on the phone.

Something related to this is when people check their phones every couple of minutes, almost as if your conversation is boring, and then texts back.

And we wonder why we feel overwhelmed!

But that’s just me.

It could be because one of my highest values is connection. I don’t know.

Enough about me, though.

How do you feel about cell phones?

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  1. I totally agree with you Marcia! In particular my son is in the habit of checking his text messages as soon as they come in. When I’m talking to him, if he does that…I stop talking, and wait for him to look up again, then ask him to either turn the phone off or put it somewhere else. It’s rude!!

  2. My biggest peeve when it comes to mobile phones is when I am clearly not going to answer and someone keeps ringing. Leave a message or SMS if it’s an emergency, otherwise respect that I don’t have to answer that call in my own time. I find work colleagues the worst offenders for this. The modern world of technology means many people have forgotten that in the home sphere we have the right to total privacy, together with periods of complete peace and quiet with the family in my own time. It’s a blessing to go sailing sometimes… network coverage is a dream come true!!

  3. very simple fix. either you manage your comms, or your comms manage you. if my phone rings and says “unknown” or “private” it does not get answered. a business person will understand that. leave me a message (unless you’re trying to sell me something that I don’t want to buy) and I’ll get back to you. for me, being on 24 hour call, it’s a bit tricky.

  4. It depends on who I am with. If I am with close friends I think it’s ok to answer the phone. However, in a business meeting or dining out; I turn the phone completely off.

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