Question of the week – watching TV

I’ve never been a huge TV fan but I will admit that I do love Dr Phil and Oprah.

For a good few years I would tape Dr Phil during the day and then watch Oprah live and the taped Dr Phil at night.

Enter the babies.

Well, people ask how I manage to get things done. The short answer is …no more TV.

Except my unwinding time every day (The Bold and The Beautiful :)) and The Amazing Race on Monday nights.

I just worked it out – that’s 160 minutes or 2.6 hours a week.

How much TV do you watch every week?

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  1. I usually watch a couple series, like “24”, “Lie To Me” and sometimes “Mentalist”, plus the news, so all in all I’m probably around 4-5 hours on weekdays + sometimes a movie during the weekend. That being said, I don’t have kids yet and I expect those numbers to drop drastically when we do become parents!

  2. It varies a lot. We have a TiVo, so I usually just tape the shows I want to keep up with and watch them when it suits me. I sleep very odd hours at the moment because I’m working to a deadline and I work best when the house is quiet, so I often have a couple of hours sleep in the afternoon-evening then work through the night, then a late morning nap (when my toddler sleeps)… It’s crazy. Have the DVR means I can watch the shows I want when I went (yeah, I sound just like the ads, don’t I) and that can mean no tv for days or a week or more, then a few hours in a sitting…

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