Question of the week – taking notes

I read somewhere that taking notes is like taking photos.

It helps you to remember the experience better.

I like to take notes because it helps me to focus better and pay attention.

I’ve shared before that I’m a visual-tactile person so I love the feeling of writing and putting pen to paper. The old-fashioned way.

Especially these gorgeous pens.

Are you a note taker?

If yes, what are your methods?

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  1. Oh, yes, I’m definitely a note taker. I’m a scrapbooker, so keeping memories of big events but also the “small” daily things is important to me. I journal every night, and I’ve already taken a notepad with me when something really fun was happening, to take notes when things were happening. This is a great happiness boost for me later on: I enjoy the moment and then enjoy it again every time I see my scrapbook or read my journal!

  2. Hi Marcia I am definitely a note taker. I find the information is absorbed easier and remembered more.
    I always carry a notepad in every purse and lots of pens.
    My friends always say Diane is the our note taker they just know.

  3. Definitely! And not only do I take notes…I’m such a geek…I copy my notes over to my journal or paste them in so they are saved for later.

  4. I love to take notes! I still have my spiral bound notebooks from high school. I never understood the kids who would take notes and then lose the papers or use the same notebook for all subjects and not be able ti find anything. I always had a notebook and folder in the same color for each class and never ripped pages out of the notebook so it was all in there. Made studying for exams really easy. I have continued this practice over the past 2 decades since then. I have notes from differing jobs, notes from when we homeschooled, notes from special projects and even notes from books I have read. I often refer back to my notes. I cant imagine trying to remember all that stuff clearly without the notes.

  5. I take notes on everything. Memories, lists and any surface or scrap paper is fair game.

  6. I love taking notes!!! I love lists planning, pens and journals. I really think I am a junkie of office supplies…lol.. I love school time and also the first of the year. That is when they bring out all of the cool, new pretty planners, note pads and journals. My problem is I write in all of them and have no organization. I think that would make a great post Marcia, (wink,)

    Thanks for your wonderful blog!!!
    Tracy in AR

  7. I can join along with Tracy as an office supply junkie! I can spend forever in an office supply store! I love notebooks, but I have lots of half filled ones, because I would lose one or get distracted by a new “shiny” notebook! I also was bad to write on scraps of paper and then just lose them.
    I still use a notebook for planned notetaking and journaling, howver, I have begun using my blackberry note taker rather than jotting on a scrap of paper I will never find again!
    I think the people who sit around me in church have finally figured out I am not surfing the internet or texting during the sermon!

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