Question of the week – what’s your favourite part of Christmas?

With just over a month to go before Christmas, you’re probably thinking about decorations, gifts, family, church, friends, Christmas cards, etc.

One of my absolute best Christmases was two years ago.

Dion and I decided to do our own thing at home, just the two of us. Because of that, I had no stress, nothing.

I looked forward to it all because I knew it was simply a time of us being together.

At the last minute, an uncle invited us over and I literally threw together a salad to take with us, and we were off.

Low expectations and we ended up having a fabulous time.

I’m wondering… what is your favourite part of Christmas?

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  1. Claire Barn says

    I love it all, the build up, the cooking, the shopping, the wrapping, the card making, making gifts with the kids, the Christmas eve service at church, everything!!! i always say I will be more organised, but always end up running around madly at the last minute! However, I dont like the days after Christmas, as I am lost during that time, as I have done so much in the run up to it, and there is nothing to do after it!!!

  2. Dee Fisher says

    My extended family stopped getting together for Christmas when my generation had grown up enough to have families of their own (even grandchildren), and we were too spread out geographically over our part of Ohio to reasonably plan a time for everyone to come together. Instead, we began having our own gatherings. My husband and I have no children, so it has been just us for the past eight years. What a relief–stress level way down, much easier financially, and a day for just us as a couple.

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