Question of the week – clutter-free gifts

As we approach Christmas, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about gift-giving.

I love giving gifts but since I don’t like a lot of clutter I don’t want to add to someone else’s clutter.

The answer is clutter-free gift giving.

Some of my favourites are:

  1. home-made biscuits (most of you call them cookies)
  2. vouchers for massages, pedicures, manicures, etc.
  3. gift vouchers to a favourite store (I love CUM books and Exclusive Books)
  4. coffee and cake “dates”- one of my favourite birthday gifts this year was when a friend phoned and said, “I’m taking you out for breakfast” – LOVE it (food and connection!)
  5. a set of notecards for people who actually write “real” notes
  6. dates with grandma (I’m going to be working on this one as it also means date time for mom and dad :))
  7. visits to the zoo, aquarium, etc.

I must confess… I’m not a fan of the “I’ve donated x-amount to a family somewhere in Africa” unless the recipient actually asked for it.

What are your favourite clutter-free gifts? Please add to my list in the comments.

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  1. Great ideas! I like the taking people out for coffee idea the best…. I put all my clutter free gift ideas on my site Clutter Free Gift Ideas

  2. ebooks for my Kindle

  3. Good stuff.. This was my 1st visit to your site. Greatful for sharing . I am going to bookmark this site. I was a home stlist for 5 years. Personal home decor tip of the day is this: Please do not overdecorate a room. Walking area is a plus. Happy Holidays.

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