I’d like to introduce you to my third child

I received a letter the other day from World Vision telling me I’ve been allocated another child.

You see, I’ve sponsored a child for the last 13 – 14 years.

I’d gone to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert. He did a little promo for World Vision and I remember thinking, “it’s only R50 a month” (at the time).

I could blow R50 in about 10 minutes so it was an easy decision to sign up and sponsor a child.

World Vision believes in teaching people to fish, not just giving them the fish, which totally ties into my philosophy of empowerment.

Child 1

Was a girl in the Eastern Cape (where I’m from originally). Their community had grown self-sufficient and they no longer needed sponsorship. Fantastic

Child 2

Was a boy in the Western Cape. This was the child I sponsored the longest (about 8 years). He grew up and out of the programme as I think they only go up to a certain age.

Child 3

Is a boy. This boy is too young to write (normally they let the children write) but his mother wrote me a note to say thank you for sponsoring her son. Both her and her husband are employed but they don’t earn enough to support their 3 kids.

It broke my heart. To think that a tiny debit order that goes off my bank account automatically every month can mean so much to someone.

You can also make a difference to a child’s life.

There are 3 options – R150, R250 and R500 a month.

Sponsor a child here

All of us who have kids know that R150 does not go a very long way (one pack of nappies for one of my babies) and yet it can make a huge difference to a child who can now go to school, be fed, etc.

Do you already sponsor a World Vision or Compassion child? Has this post made you think about doing so?

P.S. World Vision don’t know that I’m doing the post – I just really felt compelled to use this platform to hopefully get some money for a few more kids.

P.P.S. My biological kids are 18 months today!

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