The Pampers box

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One of the ways that makes it really easy to adhere to the one in, one out rule is as simple as this –

An empty Pampers box that lives in my laundry.

It stays there all the time.

Throughout the week if I find anything I no longer want or need, and that is in good enough condition for someone else to use, I toss it into the Pampers box.

The babies’ nanny knows to check this box and that she can help herself to anything she finds there.

I have a once-a-week cleaning lady who also checks the box. I try and be fair (when I remember) and do my decluttering on a Tuesday so the two of them can decide amongst themselves who gets what.

If Dion declutters any clothes, we put those in a bag for the gardener with his name clearly marked, but it also goes into the Pampers box.

I love our really easy system because everyone knows where to put things and I don’t have piles of things all over the house.

My one condition – I don’t keep things longer than a Friday.

If there are still things remaining (funny how it’s always all the corporate gifts ;)) by Friday morning, out they go with the rubbish.

What is your system for constant decluttering?

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  1. Lawanna says

    That’s a great idea! I have piles in my room of outgrown clothes to donate. Sometimes things stay in the pile for way too long. Maybe I just need to get in the habit of a weekly or biweekly donating run. I like confining it to a box in the laundry room.

  2. Marcia Francois says

    Lawanna, it really works well. The box has always been there (last 5 years) but it changed to a Pampers box about 18 months ago 😉

  3. This is such a great idea. I am totally going to implement this. I don’t currently have a system and it seriously complicates my life.

  4. Try it, Julia, it really works.

    I have another little box in the bottom of the babies’ wardrobe – as I find too small clothes, I put in there and when full, off it goes to our church’s welfare for the orphanage we support

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