Question of the week about after-supper laziness

I had a great question from a reader about after-supper laziness.

I am honestly not the best person to ask about this since I count down the hours til I can sit after running around the whole day.

But I will say this –

I pack my lunch and the children’s food while I’m preparing supper since I can guarantee my energy will be 50% less after we eat.

I like to plan my day/ evening so that I only have low-key activities after supper, like computer work, so that I can be “lazy” with a clear conscience.

But if I do need to get some things done, I make a list because not much in life motivates me as much as crossing things off a list 🙂

Confession – this year I actually have a “reading night” on my weekly goals list because it’s that hard for me to relax and do “nothing”.

Now over all you clever (and normal) people…

How do you combat after-supper laziness?

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  1. I still haven’t find a way to combat it! Actually it’s okay right after dinner, but once I’ve taken care of the dog and I’m back in the house, it’s over, I’m officially 100% lazy! I really have to try to do my evening chores (clean dishes, pick up house) between supper and dog care, otherwise it doesn’t get done.

  2. I am SO lazy after dinner! I have not found a way to combat it – the ONLY thing I want to do after dinner is cuddle with my hubby and watch TV. I try to have all the must-do’s done before dinner (homework, etc). Most of the year (Feb-Nov) we eat a late dinner because of kids sports – so usually I can get everything important done first. Usually hubs and I will clear the kitchen after dinner together, because if not, it may just wait till morning and Ill have to do it as the kids get ready for school (I really hate when I do that!). I am now realizing maybe I need a better system!

  3. To combat after dinner laziness, I make sure there is something to look forward to. And I add it to my calendar. If I can do something like listen to music, scrapbook a page, play a game with the kids, dance, or read for a few minutes I find I have more energy for the rest of my evening. I know if I watch TV as soon as dinner is over, I may never get off the couch until bedtime.

  4. Love the thought of a reading night … I’m trying to work on a ‘computer free’ night, which allows me to switch off from work, emails, social networking and all that other energy zapping stuff that inevitably can never be just 5 minutes!

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