What are your organising goals for March?

I like to think of a few small things I want to do around the house every month.

I thought it would inspire and motivate you to also think up a few things and tackle one small task every weekend.

Let’s hold each other accountable and do this together.

For March my tasks are mostly photo-related:

  1. Print 12 pics of Connor and 12 of Kendra for their first year frames (yip, 8 months later :))
  2. Do the “Dion and Marcia” wall of photos in the passage outside our bedroom.
  3. Decide where “friends” wall will be and start planning configuration
  4. Two months’ filing

What are your 4 organising to-dos for March?

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  1. Create a craft box and stock up on paints, coloured paper, poster paper, craft glue etc. We are always having to buy stuff for school projects. It’s very inconvenient every single time.

    Sort my camera out. It needs a new battery then should be good to go.

    Unpack and repack my cupboard. There are way too many clothes in there which I could donate. I don’t even wear more than half of it. Same with shoes.

    Sort out my blog archiving as well as email archiving. Both of these are annoying me and drive me insane.

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