Embracing simplicity

One of the things on my 36 things lists is to live a simpler life.

It is hard.

When I¬†first wrote that, I meant materially. But I’m learning that it’s also a life of no drama, ease and flow and simplicity in routines and commitments.

My natural impulse is to see, like and buy.

I used to justify it that because I declutter regularly, it’s okay to keep buying but really¬†this has got to stop.

These days I am consciously taking time to think more about whether I really want those things, why I’m buying them and most important to me, where they will be stored.

On the bright side, the new fashions just don’t do anything for me – I don’t like the look of the skinny jean (I have a big bum), none of the tops have even caused me to stop and give them a second glance so it looks like my wardrobe will be lovely and uncluttered for many months to come.

Which also ties into the “have only clothes I love and that look good on me” point on my list.

What does embracing simplicity mean to you?

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