So I finally got a Kindle

I’ll go into the why and how and why I was hesitant, blah blah blah in another post, but for now…

Let’s talk organising.

I bought a number of books the other evening. Basically I went into my goodreads account, looked up all the ones I’d marked as to read and bought a lot of them.


The best is that after you’ve bought some books Amazon then tells you things you probably will like, and they’re right!

So yes, I went a bit wild and there were about 12 – 15 downloads on my home page.

Being me, I made folders and organised them all neatly into categories.

Some of my categories are:

  1. chick lit
  2. non-fiction
  3. samples
  4. Christian
  5. business ebooks (like my free Time Management Purpose Pack, for instance)

Do you have a Kindle or an e-reader? What are your categories?

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  1. I don’t have one, and since I mainly read in bed before getting to sleep, I don’t think I’d like one. Well, I’m a true geek so I wouldn’t refuse it if I’d be given one, of course, but I also enjoy the physical aspect of reading: the feel of the pages, the used look of my favorite books that I read over and over again, the cute bookmarks that my aunt gives me every christmas (it’s our little tradition!)…

  2. OK Marcia, I’ve had mine for over a year and I didn’t know you could put them into categories.
    Beth recently posted..Weekly Simplicity Tips

  3. Marcia Francois says

    Beth, LOL – and that’s one of the first things I figured out after downloading… for my own peace of mind.

    Chloe, I’m going to post on my tactile nature later today 🙂

  4. Chalk me up for another one who had no idea it did that after a year of use. My 60+ books are now happily categorized. Hopefully that doesn’t goof with my husband’s kindle since he’s on the same account.

    I use mine constantly to read in bed. It’s great because it shuts itself off when I fall asleep and doesn’t lose what page I was on, like what happens when I drop the book. 🙂

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