{Chloe} on simplify your life – week 4

Before we start with Chloe’s post, I’d like to hear from you if you’ve also started following along with Chloe and Sam in terms of making any changes, thinking differently, being more intentional about your life, etc.

Leave a message in the comments otherwise email me on marcia AT organisingqueen.com (there are lots of shy people who only email me instead of commenting).










Ah, this week we’re getting to the tough stuff: finding balance.

You may have noticed that my journey was very theoretical so far, I learned a lot about myself but didn’t make much concrete changes… yet.

I could use the fact that my clutter was not material as an excuse for not taking action, but not anymore!

This week, Marcia asks me what one thing I can do differently TODAY to create more balance in my life.

The three areas that deserve better care are health/physical, financial and environment (housekeeping).

I then decided to do one thing in those areas every day this week:

take the dog out for a 15 minutes walk every evening, work on my PPW to make sure that my finances are in order for 15 minutes and do the dishes after each meal (that’s one of my worst habits!).

All in all, this shouldn’t take more than 1 hour daily, spread over the whole day.

It should be manageable, right?

Just to make you see where I’m starting from on the paperwork front, here’s what my desk looked like on Sunday, before I started:

Scary, uh?

I’ll let you know in the comments how that goes so far (since I’ve started this on Sunday), and I’ll post about it next week as well. Hold me accountable! šŸ˜‰

From Marcia

Um, yes, Chloe, I’ll definitely hold you accountable šŸ™‚


And now, have a look at a fabulous email I received.

Marcia, I just wanted you to know that I am making big strides. In just one week, I organized my office, bought files, a label maker and even created zones.

I am inspired to work in my office again.

While it was never a mess, I found myself spending way too much time trying to find where I put this or that. Now having everything in its prospective zone is deliciously satisfying.

Ricci Jackson, C.I.D.
Certified interior decorator

Don’t you love how she used the words “deliciously satisfying”. Hmmm, YES!

Your office can also be deliciously satisfying – organise your home office today.


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  1. Yay for accountability! LOL Okay, as promised, here’s how I’ve been doing:
    PAPERWORK: I spent 15 minutes taking care of it every day as planned, and I already saved a lot of money because I found 2 tax stuff that I had to send and that I would have paid late fees on them otherwise. I found them right on time, pfew!
    ACTIVITY: I’ve also taken my doggie out for at least 15 minutes every evening, and even though it’s not very intense activity, at least I’m doing something. Plus it’s good for my dog too, since she needs to practice walking on leash!
    DISHES: that’s the part I’m most proud of: I’ve been doing the dishes after EVERY SINGLE MEAL! My kitchen is always clean and in order, and it feels so great to get in there in the morning! YAY!!!

  2. I have started rethinking my views on balance and just how much time I spend on mindless things. Every couple of months I do really well with getting this part of my life sorted and then suddenly I realise that I have once again been sucked in by things like my computer, internet, fb, twitter. I do need to be more intentional about my time. Am writing up some task lists at this moment.

    Ah Chloe, you are doing so well. I really battle with those dishes too. It’s my most hated task ever! I really must get a dishwasher.

  3. Organising, simplifying, losing weight… and laundry have one thing in common: they are not a finite task, they can not be “done” once and for all. It’s necessary to redo them over and over again, even though they never are the same exactly. Redefining how you spend your time is the same!

    Thanks for your encouragement, Julia. To be honest, I HAVE a dishwasher, but even just handwashing the pots and pans and putting the dishes in the washer doesn’t get done sometimes!


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