Do you wear a watch?

Two things happened recently:

First thing – I was in a meeting and since we were waiting for latecomers, one of the attendees asked what the time was so I looked at my watch and told him.

Another girl then said to me incredulously, “you still wear a WATCH?”

Of course I do.

She then said since she carries her cell phone everywhere, she stopped wearing a watch years ago.

Okay then!

Yes, I wear a watch.

I love wearing a watch (I have a thing for watches) and I don’t always have my phone with me. I know this is considered strange but I actually like being disconnected when I choose not to have external stimulation.

Second thing – I was listening to an audio download and the lady mentioned she doesn’t wear a watch. This was a self-employed writer/ blogger so maybe she didn’t need to do things on time, I don’t know… they didn’t get into why she doesn’t wear a watch.

But that got me wondering.

Do you wear a watch? If not, what do you use to tell the time?

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  1. I am so lost if I do not have a watch on – regardless of phones etc.
    cat@juggling act recently posted..Friday already!

  2. I don’t wear a watch. I can’t stand the feel of any form of jewellery against my skin and watches also fall into that category.
    I use my phone, the clock in my car, the radio, my computer, and I have clocks in my house. If all else fails and I am really in a fix then I dial 1026. I do have a thing for timekeeping and despite the fact that I have no watch I am never late unless it is due to traffic or something completely beyond my control.

    To be honest, I don’t really see many people wearing watches anymore.

  3. I still wear a watch (just love a beautiful watch!) I feel lost without it.

  4. I absolutely do wear a watch! I’m not big on jewelry, but I have 3 things I wear every day: simple earrings, wedding ring and watch. If I’m missing one of these things, I feel like I’m missing something all day.
    Heather recently posted..Walk in the Country

  5. I can’t imagine NOT wearing a watch! We are missionaries, and last year my watch battery went dead. I had to wait 3 months before we were in the States to get a new one. Drove me crazy not having it on my arm. By the way, since we are in a 3rd world country, I do NOT wear anything expensive. Mine are the $5-15 variety from Walmart, usually the $5. Why is is sometimes cheaper to replace the watch than it is to buy a new battery????

    • Anna, that frustrates me too. I remember telling the guy at the watch battery place, “so I may as well buy 3 new watches for the price of the two batteries I want replaced?”



  6. I haven’t worn a watch for several years. I’m not into jewelry, and don’t miss it at all. My lifestyle is such that my cell phone is nearby, or other clocks.

  7. Glamorouxx says

    I can’t live without watch. I always find myself buying more and more watches, because I have a thing for watches too. I find people wearing watches very attractive, because I have also a thing for hands 😀 I am weird and silly!

    On the practical side, I just can’t imagine myself always looking for my phone from the bottom of my handbag, just to look at the time. It is so much more simple and easy to have a watch. Especially when I am in a hurry!

  8. I don’t wear a watch. My wrist is so tiny, most don’t fit well. I use my computer clock and my google calendar is always up to pop up appointments. I use my kitchen timer and microwave clock at home. Otherwise I use my cell phone or my daughter’s watch. She always likes to have a watch because she doesn’t like carrying her cell phone.
    Beth recently posted..Weekly Simplicity Tips

    • Beth, I also have a tiny wrist and ALWAYS have to have the watchmaker take out at least two links. It’s worth it to have a well-fitted and convenient timepiece 🙂

  9. I didn’t wear a watch for about 3 years, but I’ve recently got one again… just so that I can manage time on photoshoots without having to turn my mobile on
    Jeanette Verster recently posted..Hay bales on the side of the highway

  10. patty osborne says

    I have not worn a watch in the past 6 years and there are 2 reasons why. one, I no longer have a “real” job and I do not punch a time clock and two, my wrists are very big and it is hard to find a band that will fit that accually looks nice. I have my phone, several clocks and my computer to let me know what time it is. My husband still wears a watch even while he is sleeping. He is lost without it. Me I don’t like tight things on my wrist.

  11. I wear a watch when I leave the house. It is so much easier to just glance at it instead of pulling out my cell phone.

  12. I wear a watch. I asked someone else about this recently, because it was a discussion I was having with my daughter (20) about how people weren’t wearing them in her age group.

    The lady I spoke with is a nurse. She says she uses one in her job all the time. (I’m assuming it is to take someone’s pulse.)

    I don’t carry a cell phone, and stores usually don’t have them. This is on purpose. If people notice what time it is, they leave. In fact, I read if you want to increase sales in retail to remove all clocks. (I’m not in retail, but read a lot of business books.)
    Eva P. Scott recently posted..MacArthur- Americas General by Mitchell Yockelson

  13. I do… well, usually, but my battery is dead since a week and it’s getting really annoying. I keep asking to people what time it is and looking on the phones and computer at work. BTW, I’ve discovered that not one single phone or computer in the whole building is at the same time, it’s getting me nuts! And habits are strong: I have put my watch on every single day since it’s dead, before reminding me that nope, I had to put it back. Can’t wait for Saturday to bring it to the shop and get it fixed!
    Chloé recently posted..Home tour caution- photo heavy!

    • Marcia Francois says

      Chloe, I love that you keep looking at your watch because I’m the same. You are going to LOVE having your watch working on the weekend.

  14. I only wear a watch to interviews and on airline flights…the rest of the time I just use my phone or the wall or computer clock for the time. Most of them use atomic/gps updating so they stay accurate…watch? Not so much….

  15. I usually have my cell phone with me, but it runs the battery down too fast if you constantly check the time with it. Besides, I feel naked without my watch. The watch is always right there on my wrist if I need the time, and when I don’t, it’s a pretty accessory.
    Forgetfulone recently posted..Friday Confessional

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