Book review – Clutter Rehab – and a giveaway

This giveaway is now closed! Winner will be announced later today.


It’s an honour for me to feature my friend, Laura’s book on my blog.

We actually go way back – we both started our blogs in 2006 but of course, hers is a TRILLION times more popular than mine – and we both hear baskets calling out to us 🙂

Actually, when she blogged about how the baskets call her name, that’s when I knew we were kindred spirits!

Of course I’m talking about the Organizing Junkie, Laura Wittman, and her book, Clutter Rehab.


I finished this book in just *two days because of the following:

  1. it is small (only 128 pages so you won’t get overwhelmed)
  2. it was so easy to read because this is a real person using her own tips, not just theorising about organising
  3. it has big, bright numbers to the tips and is a visually appealing book with great pictures
  4. those 101 tips are really simple and doable – anybody can use them

* Confession – I could have finished it the same day but unfortunately, I had to get up and go to work 🙂

Laura and I have very similar viewpoints, like you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get organised and it’s not about having a perfect home, but a comfortable home for you and your family.

So…. I have good news.


I’m giving away a copy of Clutter Rehab on my blog.

They will post it to wherever you are so this giveaway is open to EVERYONE, anywhere in the world.


There are three ways to enter the giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me either your favourite organising “tool” (mine is the common spiral-bound notebook and pen) or your biggest organising question.
  2. Tweet this giveaway (and come back to tell me you tweeted)
  3. Share this giveaway on Facebook (and come back to tell me you did it)


The giveaway will be open for ONE WEEK until Thursday 28th 12 pm EST (6 pm South African time). I’ll choose a winner through, announce it on the blog and you have one week to send me your email address, so make sure you’re reading.


And…. go comment!


PS I’ll be giving my own copy away at my Inspired workshop in Johannesburg next month. I know someone else would love it and my copy is as new (I’m a book freak).


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  1. My favotire organizing tool is the to-do list. Right now I’m feeling so overwhelmed that I’m not using it, so hopefully writing this will get me back to using it. My kids teased me because I never finished a day’s list. I always included extras because sometimes there’s just the right window and amount of time to do something that should be done but didn’t actually seem as important as other things, whiich I might not end up being able to fit into the day.
    My second favotire tool is our family calendar which keeps us all on schedule.

  2. My favourite tool is a small black spiral bound notebook that is made specifically as a TO DO Notebook. It has columns for prioritising, dating and checking off when completed. It also has a hard plastic bookmark to use if you separate lists or to have different projects. I can still tear pages out when I am finished or when my list for a project changes. I use it constantly – with a page for work, a page for my craft and sewing and one for our house renovations. I do not think I could live without it.

  3. Good old-fashioned spiral-bound notebooks and HB pencils. Can’t organise with anything else – even with all the technology out there…


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