The single biggest thing that gets me out of overwhelm

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I personally can’t think of many things that stress people out so much as the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Overwhelm can happen both in work, business or in your personal life.

The absolute best tip ever to start feeling less overwhelmed is to stop and grab a master to-do list or a piece of blank or lined paper.

I included a master to-do list in my Time Management Purpose Pack which you can get for free on my website.

Take 10 minutes and empty your mind my writing down each and every thing on the list.

Just try it – I promise you you’ll not only feel better when you’re done BUT you’ll also then have a realistic picture of what you need to do.

Hint – it’s often a lot less than you think.

If you think in categories as I do, then print one list for each segment of your life – I usually do one for personal, one for work and one for business so that you don’t have to rewrite the items at a later point when you want to work on one area.

This is just a small sample of the steps I take you through in my Break out of Overwhelm audio teleseminar.

It’s my favourite product of all time (yes, really) because I personally use it a couple of times a year when my life gets too hectic and I start feeling overwhelmed.

Here’s what one person had to say… 

The Break Out of Overwhelm seminar was terrific and really hit home with me!  I got sooo much out of it.

I learned a few very important things.  First of all, I hate to eat my frogs and yet they are so very important. Secondly, I have to say no and third,  I realized just how overwhelmed I really am. My health is at stake and sometimes I feel like I am in a total shutdown.

The analogy  you used to illustrate the overwhelm in our lives was great.  I now know how to apply “emergency first aid”!!!!  I also love knowing how to use my Organizing Personality to reduce my overwhelm.

The important thing here I believe, is that  I recognize the problem, I am facing the problem,  I just have to sort the alternatives I have.

So, as a result of the teleseminar, I have recognized my overwhelm,  set my goals, and already, after one day, I ate my frog.  I really got a lot out of this!!  You did a great job!

Mary Perlongo

New York



One more thing before I go…

If you haven’t booked your place for the Inspired workshop yet, do so now. Bookings close in 8 days.

On a scale of 1 – 10, I was feeling like a 10 about 10 days ago. Once I made my lists (I think I had a combined total of about 65 items), I felt TONS better.

Today I’m a 2 because I’ve had a really good couple of productive days.

Where are you on the overwhelmed scale?

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  1. I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed right now. I’m trying to tell myself to take it easy on myself and that it’s just what happens after one comes back from vacation, but I’m just so sick of it. I have my list and I have had some productive days, but I still need to get so much done.

    • Marcia Francois says:

      Good self-talk, Heather.

      The next step in the process for me after making the ginormous master list is to choose about 6 of those every day and “eat the frog” with them

  2. At the moment I’m about a 10. Seriously. If I wasn’t exercising I would be a 25. Most of why I am overwhelmed is due to factors that I can’t control or things that have gotten out of control due to me procrastinating. Eish, Must pull myself towards myself already!

    • Marcia Francois says:

      Thank goodness for the exercise, Julia.

      Talking it out with a supportive person also helps.

      Have you made a list? 😉

  3. I have made a list!
    And I am sticking to it…

  4. Before I start making the list, it freaks me out because I “know” (or so I think) that it’ll be miles long… but once it’s written I realise A/ that it’s not that long after all B/ that many items are not vital and can be skipped if I deal with the self-imposed obligations and guilt that come with them and C/ that I can do it! And you know what? I usually do! So making a list is definitely the best way to overcome overwhelm!

  5. Marcia Francois says:

    Fantastic insights, Chloe. You are so, so right that it always FEELS worse than it actually is.


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