I need 31 organising questions

I saw that some big-name bloggers will be doing a number of series along the lines of “31 days to a ………..” in October this year.

I’ve decided to do my own one on this blog, 31 days to a more organised you.

Then I saw on Design Mom that she took a number of questions from her Facebook page and answered them briefly on the blog over a week, but then asked her readers to also chime in with their own solutions.

I read a couple of these and some of the comments and they were goooooood.

So, over to you.

Click on over (if you read in a feed reader) and tell me what is your most burning organising question. Remember the more specific you make it the easier it will be for me and other people to answer it.

Otherwise, if you’re just curious to know how I organise a certain part of my life, go ahead and ask.

Hopefully I get 31 different questions, otherwise I’ll keep hounding you til I do 🙂

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  1. I have a small space underneath our steps, which I am using as my pantry. What is the best way to organise this as a pantry? How do you organise your pantry in general?

  2. How do you organize your vehicle? I’ve got 3 small children and it seems to be a constant battle that is always getting messed up!

  3. Once you’ve done the big starting point organization, how do you create and start building your maintenance routines? I have a bad tendency to start planning very detailed routines, so detailed in fact that they never get done.

  4. I need help with my Tupperware drawer, please! I have bought a big box with a lid which fits below a shelf in my pantry and everything fits in well and neatly – until about two weeks later. I just cannot get them to fit in as before… Also, does one store them with their lids intact, or all the lids seperately? I am constantly looking for the proper lid to fit the bowl I want to choose, but on the other hand, they need so much space when storing them intact.

  5. Hello…how about this question: “How do you keep organized during stressful times in life (health issues, surgery, family needs help, etc.)? I find that during these times I get more behind than I already am, lol. Then it seems I just play a frequent game of catching up on and off. 🙂

  6. These are some good questions! My main issue is the same as Chloe’s. I have good intentions, I start out very organized and have good systems, but I can’t seem to keep up with the maintenance.

  7. How do you keep organisation in your house without ‘organisation control’ becoming your own worst enemy?

  8. Please help … I want to organise a multipurpose area for craft/scrapbooking/office even though I don’t have lots of room for one.
    I have lots of stuff (mostly packed into storage boxes) but not sure on how to organise it all … where do I start?????

    The system needs to be easy to maintain as I work full time and don’t have lots of spare time!

    from Australia

  9. Need help with craft stuff organising and medicines and other medications.

    Also, how to deal with my spouse who doesn’t share my vision for organising.


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