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Today’s the last day to register for the virtual Spring into Organising workshop. The handbook is done and I can’t wait to share all this information with you. We already have people registered from Australia, the US and South Africa. Are you next?


Since I started using Pinterest, I’ve been a huge, huge fan.

Mainly because I used it to store and organise my bookmarks.

Now that that’s done, I’ve been using it like a second Google.

I have a love for washi tape (that’s a story for another post) and recently I went into Pinterest and typed “washi tape” and tens of lovely pictures popped up on my screen.

Too lovely.

Anyway, the point is I search for things I know I want to find, and sometimes I also find other things I didn’t know I wanted.

Like handmade liquid soap.

When I clicked over and read the post, I thought, “no way, it can’t be this easy” but duly put glycerine on the shopping list so I could try it this weekend.

It is EASY as pie, people.

1 cup grated soap flakes (5 minutes – and I didn’t even use a whole bar of soap)
10 cups of water (2.5 L)
1 Tablespoon glycerine

(you can add essential oils if you want to play with fragrances)

That’s it.

Combine all in a pot, heat til the soap has dissolved and let it cool completely.
It will look like it’s not going to set (mine looked like milky water for the longest time) but my best advice is to forget about it. I left it overnight and when I checked it on Sunday morning, LIQUID SOAP!

Use a funnel to pour into bottles and enjoy.

Over 2 L of liquid soap for about R7 (one bar of soap cost me R10 and I used about 70%)

I chose a neutral, non-girly fragrance so that if it worked we could use it as shower gel too.

Next up, I’m going to use baby soap and make some baby foam bath – I can’t WAIT – I’m on a soap-making high 🙂

Here’s my Pinterest link if you want to see what tickles my fancy.

As an aside, a few weekends ago I went to do a load of laundry and after I screamed in frustration because the nanny hadn’t put fabric softener on the list, I went to my friend Google (the real one) to look for alternate solutions.

(I really needed to do some laundry and I hate getting behind)

I found lots of links that said a quarter cup of white vinegar would do the trick.

Well, friends, I’m happy to report that we haven’t used “real” fabric softener since then but I have been through about 2 bottles of white vinegar 🙂

There is absolutely no vinegar smell – the clothes just come out smelling clean.

Do any of you have some tried and tested homemade recipes for cleaning solutions? Please share links and so on in the comments and let’s all save some money.

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  1. Well, in the same “green and cheap” spirit as your finds, I recently posted about cleaning my face with oils. The first test looks really promising, I can’t wait to finish my traditional cleaning product and test this new method on the long way.
    Chloé recently posted..Oils: a new way to clean my face?

  2. We have several pets, cats and dogs, which means someone will throw up or have an accident some where and some time. Throw in one little boy just for good measure. We used to buy those pet sprays, enzimatic cleaners, they are very expensive. So using my google skills I found a recipe for a pet stain remover. Hydrogen peroxide and water. It cleans stains on just about anything, just spray the spot and soak it and leave it to dry. Hydrogen peroxide costs us about $2 (CAN), much cheaper.
    I also clean with vinegar and water, I usually throw in a few drops of essential oil into the spray bottle too.

  3. I have pinned one or two things. Must do them!
    Julia recently posted..Week 38/52 – Things I know

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