On not settling

pic from our recent photo shoot – I love it!


An interesting thing happened the other day.

I’d been wanting to get some new black sandals for work for awhile but since I really don’t like shoe shopping (bags are more my thing), I’d procrastinated.

Well, within two days, all three pairs of sandals broke.

And I was forced to go get a new pair.

But then while in the shop, because I was desperate, I just took the best pair to suit my style.

I wasn’t in love with the shoes but I needed them.

On Sunday night when I thought about what I’d wear the following day, and thought about wearing the new shoes, I felt myself deflate inside.

And then I realised something.

These shoes don’t make me feel happy and I probably won’t wear them much.

Can you guess what happened next?

I took them back yesterday and now own another pair of shoes that do put a spring in my step.

What was the point of telling you all that?

Live intentionally.

Don’t settle.

If something’s not making you happy, do something about it.

And only wear things that you love otherwise you’ll be wasting your money 🙂


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Are you settling for anything in your life?

And on a less serious note, do you like shoe shopping?

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  1. Oh, how I love this post! And how I needed it! Definitely useful for some relationships!
    Chloé recently posted..My fave android apps

  2. Gosh yes, I am settling on many things at the moment. I just don’t always have the energy to deal with stuff but, I will pull myself towards myself and get it together!
    Ultimately, it does boil down to the fact that we have a choice so I will choose to NOT SETTLE. Thank you for this post.x

  3. Interesting point, and I agree with the general sentiment of choosing clothes you love or else you won’t wear them much or feel good while you’re wearing them but from a FlyLady point of view it smacks of Perfectionism.

    For example, I’ve been looking for flat black comfy boots for winter (and bought two pairs online, tried them on and sent them back) but I don’t have any yet. At this rate winter will come and I won’t have ANY suitable footwear, nevermind a pair that I love. Hmmm…

    • Hi Heather

      Thanks for your comment.

      I think the difference for me between not settling and perfectionism is this:

      If I’d found an acceptable pair that I loved, and then didn’t buy it, but STILL trawled shop after shop trying to find the absolutely perfect pair, that is perfectionism.

      Not settling is not taking the first black pair you see just because it’s black.

      When I did my talk on perfectionism, one of the definitions was “impossible standards”. If you keep returning the shoes, ask yourself, “am I holding out for impossible standards or am I just looking for a pair I love?”

      Does this help?

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