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I was interviewed late last year for Your Baby magazine. They compare mothers with different parenting styles – unsurprisingly, I’m the mother who likes routines 🙂

Download and read the article here.


There’s been much ado all over the internet and especially, Pinterest, about chalkboard doors.

Actually, chalkboard doors, cupboard doors, chalkboard labels and gift tags, etc.

Like this.


In theory, I really like this idea. And I must admit, when they’re first done and they’re all neat and black, they do look gorgeous.

But practically, I keep thinking how I’ll have to rewrite the shopping list before going to the shop or rewrite the things to remember, which defeats the purpose.

What do you chalkboard people do? 

I know I’m certainly not brave enough to paint a wall with another colour, let alone chalkboard paint, but I thought I could get my little fix by buying a little chalkboard for the kitchen.

I saw one at my favourite South African home store (Mr P – they are not paying me to say that), hemmed and hawed, and I left it.

Because I have a personal rule – if it’s not a definite yes, it’s a no.

So then I saw a smaller, cuter, heart-shaped chalkboard at a fraction of the price, also at Mr P, and that one said, “take me home” so I did.

Only thing is… I forgot something really key.

I hate the sound of chalk on a chalkboard.

I wrote one thing on it (hello) and that was me. Done.

Dion then wrote “welcome” on the board at our babies’ 2nd birthday party (in July last year) and yes, that poor board is still sporting the welcome note. I think he added a due date for the library books below that in November and that is still how it looks.


 So there’s the thing – when I gave in to the heart-shaped chalkboard, I wasn’t thinking about my preference for no noisy squeaks on a board.

I’ve seen these chalkboard markers though… which look like a fabulous idea for people like me who like the look of the labels but not the sound or the mess!

Over to you.

Do you like the look of chalkboards?

Do you have a decorative chalkboard in your home?

Do you use real chalk or chalkboard markers? And if you’re in South Africa, where did you buy your chalkboard marker? I would like to try it on some of those cute labels…………….. 😉

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  1. I too love the look, but I’m definitely not going to carry my cupboard door with me when I go shopping, so rewriting the shopping list makes it a big no! And just like you, the squeaky sound makes me shiver, I can’t stand it. The last thing that bothers me is that they are complicated to wipe and clean, you have to use water and you can’t re-write right after you wiped the board, plus there is often a white tone that stays on the chalkboard. All that to say that I don’t have chalkboards even though they look beautiful in the magazines, I prefer whiteboards!

    • Marcia Francois says

      I also hate that white residue that remains unless you clean it properly with water. Oy!

  2. Leigh Anne says

    I too have seen the chalkboard trend on Pinterest and while I think it looks super cute, all I can imagine is all of the dust. It would never look good in my house because I would brush up against it and I don’t really like having giant to-do lists hanging on my wall.

    I don’t really like the whiteboards either because of the fumes.

  3. I have a small wall painted with chalkboard paint in my kitchen and we love it. It goes right down to floor level and is the perfect height for my daughter to draw pics on, or practise her cursive or do her spelling words. I use it for lists(although not shopping lists) and writing quick notes. Perhaps because I am a teacher the noise or dust doesnt bother me?? We use the chalkboard markers at school and I think they get them from Waltons or other stationers.

    • Marcia Francois says

      Andrea, maybe that’s why. I hate the dust from my kids’ chalkboard easels and I think I would lose my mind with any more 🙂 Thanks for telling me about Waltons – I will have a look on the weekend.

  4. I have a whiteboard that is a blank calendar, near where I blog. I put important stuff on that- when specific sponsored posts are due, etc. That’s as close to a chalkboard as I am interested in having at home right now.

    • Marcia Francois says

      LOL I think I have a problem with the aesthetic of having something so functional in my home. That’s why my goals go in a frame 🙂

  5. heehee…I also have that heart shaped one..couldn’t resist :). And I am also not great at writing on these boards :). White boards are ugly (I think), but I prefer them. I have opted for a small one (A4 size) and have added magnets to the back and placed it on my fridge. It’s a great shopping list option for me 🙂


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