One step closer to simplifying make-up

A friend asked me a few weeks ago what I thought of getting a skip (dumpster) to do a big declutter.

I said to her that while that would work for some people, it wouldn’t work for me.

1) I don’t have that much junk

2) I prefer things to leave my house a bag or two at a time because I’m a baby steps person.


I thought of that when I decided to simplify my make-up.

My secret organising fantasy is to have just one lipstick that looks good with all my clothes and wear only that.

Well, until that time comes, I’m simplifying my make-up very, very slowly. Baby steps.

Before I got to the before pic, I threw out about 3 – 4 lipsticks.

It was time to go through it again. I don’t make a big deal about organising/ decluttering/ simplifying – I wait until things feel like they need a tweak or until I get a bee in my bonnet and then I just have at it.

That’s what happened one Saturday evening after we got home and put the kids to bed (that’s why the pics are this strange shade) – on this particular night I tossed another 2.




 AFTER – the stuff I use every day in the pink candle-holder

and the rest on the other side


 this plastic container with my eyeshadow rests on the top
 this is what I use every day – lipliner, lipstick and an eyeliner and most days,

some eyeshadow on my (very light) eyebrows

 dental floss, blemish stick,brush, night cream

and some other lipsticks and some lipliners

So… I want to know from you

Are you the type who gets the dumpster or do you declutter a bag or two at a time?
And.. do you wear the same shade of lipstick every day?

PS thanks to Chloe for giving me the idea of keeping the everyday make-up together. I love it 🙂

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  1. Deep down I am a dumpster person. It feeds my instant gratification and it’s like out of sight out of mind for me which I guess is not good because you are essentially moving the clutter from one point to another. I mostly declutter a bag or two at a time (only because this is all I have time for) but when I have a bee in my bonnet then I dump EVERYTHING. Like. Right now.
    I have a few lipsticks. I mostly wear the same one every day but I do vary it throughout the day depending on my mood and all.
    That’s really clever to keep the everyday stuff together.

    • Marcia Francois says:

      at the end of the day as long as the clutter leaves, I’m good BUT my aim is to help people develop a regular decluttering mindset 🙂

  2. I have a hard time keeping up with maintenance, either for cleaning or for decluttering, so I definitely work in spurts, but not to the level of dumpster. I usually create a bag or two at a time, then I immediately pack them and put them in the car to bring them to the recycling center or the charity on our next trip.

    And I have a couple lipsticks but I don’t wear them on a daily basis, and I actually keep them all because I wear them together. I mix the colors to get one that I love and that fit me for that day. I would hardly get this flexibility with only one color!
    Chloé recently posted..Scrappy Sunday… with only one LO!

    • Marcia Francois says:

      I love that you take the bags to the car immediately 🙂 That’s my secret too – out of sight, out of mind

  3. I don’t wear make up, so mine make up is probably the most organized area of my life LOL
    Jayme recently posted..Doc Appt


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