Are you rewarding yourself?

My default setting is to go, go, go.

And as such, I keep striving and reaching towards the next thing, without taking a moment to just enjoy having accomplished something.

Strangely, I’m good at the material rewards like buying a handbag (!) but not so much the resting and rejuvenating types of rewards.

I purposed that when this book was done, I’d reward myself by taking some time off.

So for June, I’m going to do nothing other than write the weekly newsletter and a few blogs, and finish planning my trip to the US. That’s a rest for me 🙂

Of course, I’ll still be taking TONS of pics and planning my twins’ third birthday party. Some of you have been reading since I was pregnant and no, I can’t believe they’re nearly three either.

Why should we reward ourselves after we accomplish a goal or do something we’re proud of?

It helps us to mark the occasion, take stock and celebrate properly.

Your reward should ideally be in proportion to how much work you put in to get something done.

I always tell people – it may not be the best use of your time to take a 15-minute break after organising your desk for 15 minutes 🙂 A great idea if you’ve just spent an hour filing – yes!

Here are some ways to reward yourself:


  1. bubble bath
  2. cup of tea and reading a book/ magazine
  3. chatting with a friend
  4. spending time baking/ cooking a special dish
  5. spending time creating

(I’ll be doing a lot of the last two this month)


  1. buying a little gift for yourself, whether physical or experiential
  2. getting that something you’ve wanted for a while, even if it seems frivolous
  3. going out for a meal with your family/ friends
  4. getting a beautiful handbag (this is my reward most birthdays)
  5. movie date with yourself

What is your preferred way to reward yourself?

PS If you haven’t got your copy of Live Organised yet,  remember you get Break out of overwhelm f.r.e.e if you buy it before 1 June.

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  1. Interestingly enough, not materially. I reward myself with an expensive material purchase maybe once a year and I’m really not a retail therapy kind of girl. But perhaps that could be based on my particular context.
    I usually reward myself with alone time. I use this time to read, take long naps, catch up on some knitting/crafting, cook wholesome food, watch mindless TV or maybe a good series. If I don’t really want to be alone then I make time to connect with friends.

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