Get over $200 in freebies if you get Everything (the book) this week

Hello all

Remember I told you I’m on the launch team for Mary E De Muth’s new book, Everything?

Well, the book officially launched yesterday.

If you buy your copy of the book this week, you’ll get over $240 worth of freebies. The process is really easy and organised which I always appreciate.

Buy at any retailer (online or print), email your receipt to Thomas Nelson and they’ll give you a download page with all the goodies.


All the details can be found here.

Happy shopping!!!


One other thing… Mary’s daughter, Julia, was hospitalised and has just been discharged yesterday/ today (hard to tell with the time differences :)) but her symptoms haven’t really gone nor do they have a diagnosis. I can tell you both as a very structured person and a mother that the “not knowing” is probably the worse thing to deal with.

Please pray! And follow Mary’s blog to keep abreast of the news. She’s been great at keeping it updated.



PS I know this book is going to impact hundreds and thousands of lives. All of the people on the launch team who’ve already finished it (I’m not done yet!) have been profoundly moved. Will your life be changed too?



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