{Weekend inspiration} decluttering my physical books – part 1

I’m on a mission to declutter books.

You see, I have an item on my 38 things list – declutter books so that I have all of them on one, three-shelf bookcase.

At the start of this little project, I had 5 shelves of books (not bookcases, shelves). I’m already down to 4 and my goal is to be down to 3 (which is the one bookcase).

I’ve sold some, donated some and have to take a bag to the secondhand bookstore.

This is the one shelf with brand new books, all of them unread. Excuse the blurry pics – they were taken at night with my iPhone.

batches of books all made to fit with no regard to category

after – see the washi tape labels along the top of the shelf

Much better!

Sadly there was only 1 book on this whole shelf that I didn’t want. There are 44 I need to read here!

I’ve also decluttered 23 books from shelf 2 so I have half of another shelf free – no pics of that one, sorry.

Do you need to declutter a bookshelf this weekend?

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