Favourite shopping in the USA? Stationery!

I’ve been meaning to post about stationery I bought in the USA for awhile now.

I loved loved loved all the things I saw but had to choose fairly light items that were 1) extremely cost-effective and 2) I wouldn’t be able to get in South Africa.


Some of the things I bought (starting bottom right and working clockwise)

(I know I could have put numbers… but I’m letting go of perfectionism one habit at a time)

  1. Jonathan Adler notebooks and little bookbag – Barnes and Noble. The bookbag was $10, can’t remember the price of the notebooks.
  2. 5-pack set of my favourite pens in the world (Pilot 0.7 gel pens) – this set was $5 (R40 at the time – I pay R30 for one pen here)
  3. iDevice USB connector ($10 at Bath and Beyond) in a cute frog shape
  4. cute envelope (Staples) – about $2?
  5. paper clips (not normal ones but these also hold paper together) and matching rubber bands to hold your place in a notebook (Target) – you all know I love my spiral-bound notebooks so I use these a lot
  6. packing tape and washi tape pack from Target (gift from a friend)
  7. Martha Stewart gift tags (about $5 from Staples) – I found these expensive but wanted something cute… and Martha Stewart
  8. green and blue little plastic envelopes from Staples – this is my one regret – that I didn’t just bring 10 home – they are SOOO useful – receipts, I use one for that frog connector and a flash drive I take to work – and they were only 50c each in the clearance bin.
  9. pencils (also Staples) – the best thing about these? they look like real pencils but actually take lead 🙂  I bought a pack of about 20 and gave one each to my whole team at work and a couple of extra friends, and anyone else I saw within that first week. Great purchase. I think they were only about $10 and the cuteness plus usefulness factor made them well worth my while.
  10. 3-pack of purple glue stick – Staples. We can get coloured glue stick here but it’s still very expensive. I think these were $3.
  11. Cord organiser – $10 at Staples – to keep all the computer cords neat – I love mine!

I bought some more things but I forgot to take those out so there might be a part two to this if I can get myself organised.

Yes, stationery is my love language 🙂

and yes, I spent a lot of time in Staples. I think I went three times while I was in NYC 🙂

Do you like stationery too?

Which is your favourite item?



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