{Weekend inspiration} decluttering my physical books – part 2

Here is part 1

Goal – to move from 5 shelves of books down to 3.

I mentioned in post 1 that I’d decluttered and was now down to 4 shelves of books.

this is the 3-shelf bookcase I want all my books to fit on
5 books are unread over here – shelf 2
this is the bottom shelf – all unread
side view
this is the shelf in that green closed cupboard that also houses books – all of these are unread too

When I completed this exercise, I had 84 books unread. I read 3 physical books in November so I’m down to 81 🙂 Can you see the slight gap in the last pic?

Do you need to declutter some books?

These are about half the books I decluttered.

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