My annual filing project and a lovely little e-book for you

Well, it’s a bit later than we originally planned but Trisha (my virtual assistant) and I finally got it all done.

The new e-book is out – all 44 pages!!

It’s only $1,99 (less than R20) at the moment – happy shopping 🙂
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Now I want to talk about my annual filing.

Sadly, I’m not even joking 🙂

I have a very lazy way of organising – I simply pile up the papers and when it annoys me, I file. Usually my filing threshold is about every 4 – 6 months.

However, I’ve been going more and more paperless so this time I could go for nearly a whole year.

This little memo is from 2011 and 30 Oct 2011 was the last time I filed til the day these photos were taken – 7 Sept 2012.

I have one metal basket where I put all paper. This is the folder with all my file-able papers.

As you can see, not a lot at all. My rule is that everything doesn’t have to be filed so I only file things I know I may reference in the future plus all Jhb Connect invoices and communication. Our city’s billing department has always been in a shambles so it’s best to keep everything.

My filing process is as follows:

  • Make piles of paper for the different files.
  • Label the piles as you go.

As you can see, my SheSpeaks folder also needed to be attended to.


  • Punch and file
The whole process took about 30 minutes. It’s that quick because I don’t keep piles of junk and my systems are already set up.
I do keep a clear plastic folder vertically on my desk called “deadline projects”. This folder is for Groupon-type paper, invitations to RSVP, forms to fill in, etc. I probably should take some pics and show you the contents and how I organise those papers but there are never more than 10 sheets at a time.

How often do you file your papers?

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