One of the best gifts ever

Do you do Secret Santas at work?

Our team does.

Two years ago I got a tiny little gift when everyone else was opening big presents.

When I opened the gift I wasn’t sure about this lip liner pencil but the lady who got my name told me it’s the exact colour of the lipstick I wear. I was tickled pink that she noticed!

I wasn’t a lip liner type of person at that point and really, I just started using it so I could say to her, “yes, I’m using it” if she asked.

And I loved the effects so much it changed my life 🙂

It IS the exact colour of my lipstick and ended up being the perfect gift!

Tell me about a perfect gift you received.

PS you do know it’s never too late to dream and make those dreams come true?

Get your copy of this very lovely calendar and workbook planner – it’s not too late.

I got mine in August last year and I still used it 🙂

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