{Marcia gets crafty} Cot to coffee table repurpose

First there were cots…


then there was a coffee table.

I really, truly, madly loved our cots (they were both beautiful and practical – those storage drawers were amazing) and when the time came to move the babies to big beds, I sold the one cot easily but wanted to hold onto the other IF it could be used in a cool way.

I was thinking of doing this originally.


but then I remembered I actually hate chalk dust.

So I had another idea.

I moved the cot into the lounge just to see if the size fitted the space properly.

It sat there for a good month or so while I thought about the colour I wanted it to be.

And here it is – the final version.

My cot turned coffee table.

It ended up being lighter than I envisioned but I haven’t mustered up the energy to have it done again 🙂

Isn’t it gorgeous?

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