How I find time to read

It’s no secret that I read a lot.

Last year I set a goal of 60 books, reached it in November so I increased my goal to 70 and made it! Shew 🙂

This year my goal is 65 – I was ahead in Jan with 8 books but am nearly done with number 3 for Feb.

People ask me this question a lot – how do you find time to do all the reading you do? These are the things I do:


prioritise my reading

It’s very important to me to read and to read for pleasure, not just to learn something. I read every night before bed, at least 30 minutes, but I plan to read for about 45 – 60 minutes. This is usually when I read fiction. It’s easy for the time to pass when you’re reading something that sweeps you away.

use any time I can find to read – whether 5 or 55 minutes 🙂

If I have a 5-minute gap, I’ll grab a book. Even if I can just read a few pages, it’s worth it to me.

have a system – I mostly read non-fiction when I only have short gaps and fiction when I have more time available.

I really don’t like being interrupted when I’m reading fiction which is why that’s night-time reading for me. I find it’s more efficient to know my go-to book than to waste a few precious moments thinking, “ummm, what should I read?”

set reading goals

This sounds really boring to some people but it works for me. See, my personality is such that I’m not a natural relaxer. There is ALWAYS something else I could be doing – cleaning, organising, tidying, rearranging, etc.

So my reading goal is 5 books a month. I can get through 4 without any trouble just doing the nightly reading routine but having that 5th book on the list forces encourages me to set aside weekend time to also read. I even put my reading on my to-do list so I feel extra accomplished 🙂

involve the kids

It doesn’t always work but involve the kids as much as you can. I’ll tell mine to bring their books (real old-fashioned books) and come read with me on the bed.

That’s it.

No great secrets – just prioritise, have a system and be consistent with your goals.

How do you make the time to read?

PS I don’t watch TV but I do unpack, re-pack and choose clothes while the Bold and the Beautiful’s on in the evenings (20 minutes) 🙂

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