Organising children’s arts and crafts from school

So while my kids love pre-school, I don’t love all the paper!!!

I have a big diary on our counter where I write down any dates immediately once I get the newsletter. It’s of course a week-at-a-glance diary (my favourite type). And then I happily toss the paper in the recycling bag.

However, the arts and crafts are another story.

I’m not a fan of keeping just anything.

My true preference is to take a pic and toss the “masterpiece”. However both my husband and kids looked horrified when I mentioned this idea. I will say, that was mostly Kendra. Connor is even more ruthless than I am 🙂

So this is my compromise.

I had these boxes (they were tossing them at work) and I just stuck on name labels because I had them. If I hadn’t, I would have just used a normal book label sticker.

With any organising, there is no need to go fancy if you don’t need to.

My policy is to only go nicer if things are going to be out in the open, on display.

The idea is that once these boxes are full, they will go through them and choose their favourites.

I’m thinking of having the kids do a first step though – once I take the pics, I’d like them to choose which ones to keep. Otherwise this box is going to be full after 6 weeks 🙂

I take ONE pic of all the weekly projects because I also have to think of my editing. Why sort through 4 – 5 pics when I can have 1? 🙂

What do you do with your kid (s) masterpieces?

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  1. I used to toss most of them and keep only the masterpieces. However, my children’s therapists actually need to see even the not-so-proper pieces which initially annoyed me (all this paper to hold onto) and now I actually like it because I can see visible progress in the quality of drawings etc. I box everything – my set-up is similar to yours. I still have Child1’s art in a cupboard. They DO come home with a lot less as they get older. I don’t really display that much. Am bad like that. But now and again I do display.

    • Julia, that’s true for the OT to see. Can you take pics?

      I’m totally not into displaying unless it’s specifically designed stuff (I had them do canvases last year which I want for their bedroom walls)

  2. I have not received that much yet, usually about 1 or 2 a week. I have hang some clipboards in the hall way next to photos and other pictures. I then clip the latest art work on to that for display. I cleared the clipboards out every couple of weeks and just tossed them. This year instead of tossing them I am sticking the better ones into a note book and am calling it her art journal. I also give that book to her when she wants to draw. I would like to take a photo at the end of the year of some of the works and create a photo book. Lets see if that idea pans out.

  3. Sadly, I toss them in a large rectangular tub which needs a good sorting. I also throw my fair share of the masterpieces away (shhh! don’t tell on me!). One thing I would like to do is start framing my favorites and using them to decorate.
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  1. […] Let’s talk about memories of my kids’ things. I mentioned to a mom at a party recently that I had big ideas when my kids first went to pre-school. Every week I’d take a pic of the items from that week. […]

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