Wrapping paper storage

My lovely friend, Caren, asked me how I store my wrapping paper (gift wrap).

I blogged about it before here but since a few years have passed, I thought I’d show you a quick update.

Organising gift wrap and ribbons

Storing gift wrap and bows

The truth is that I love paper and even though I am actively on a mission to reduce and simplify all the time, the birthdays mean they come in almost as quickly as they go out, especially gift bags.

I also told myself no more buying of wrapping paper until I saw those lovely chevron papers at Pick and Pay. I’m afraid I couldn’t resist them at R6,99 per roll.

Anyway, I have two places I store them – still that spot under my shelves. The bin has now changed to purple and it’s in a basket to allow for some other things like big sheets of cardboard.

And then I have a deep plastic container for most of the gift bags – this one lives next to my desk.

How do you store your gift wrap? Do you use wrapping paper or gift bags?

PS please let me know if you want to see other storage solutions in my home.

PPS this is an iphone pic…. excuse quality

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  1. I only have two rolls of wrapping paper, one brown kraft and a dark red one. I also have a couple ribbons (white and red ones) in various sizes. The rolls are stored in one of my office cupboard and the ribbons are in a big bin with all my crafting supplies.

    PS: I’m glad we can comment non-facebook-ely again! 😉
    Chloé recently posted..The best-spent 6.90€ of my photography life

  2. Marcia Francois says:

    Now Chloe, that right there is what I’m aiming for – super simple but still elegant 🙂

  3. I have a BIG roll of brown craft paper. I also have brown paper bags and 4 normal rolls of wrapping in plain colours (orange, black, red, green). These all get stored together. – I keep it in a box on top of my cupboard, WITH all the materials that I use to wrap with. My box includes things like sello tape, a pair of scissors, some ribbon and I keep a spare roll (or 3 ) of washi tape in there as well.

  4. I use wrapping paper, ribbons and sometimes gift bags. I’m quite fussy about wrapping gift properly when I wrap. Though sometimes, I’ll just “dump” the stuff in the gift bag with some tissue! At the moment I have all my gift wrapping accessories in a big plastic bag . I bought a big roll of fancy wrapping paper a while ago but now in hindsight it seems better suited for wrapping wedding gifts!!!

    • Marcia Francois says:

      good for you for at least having all your gift wrap together.

      I’ve found the best neutral gift wrap is very plain paper that can be dressed up. I’m considering buying a stash of silvery bags to jazz up with lovely ribbon 🙂 But first I need to reduce that pile!


  1. […] Based on my list, I try and put out the things I’ll need so I don’t waste any of those precious minutes gathering instead of doing. Last weekend, I wrapped 5 gifts and attached gift cards in 20 minutes, purely because all the gifts were out and ready with the tape and gift wrap/ wrapping paper nearby. […]

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