End-of-workday routines

I really like to have 30 minutes at the end of the work day to wind down and prepare for the next day.

It doesn’t always happen but my days always go smoother if I have that bridge time.


During that time (and it doesn’t take 30 minutes), I

  1. quickly check if I have any emails in drafts I need to quickly finish off and SEND (I get interrupted a lot in my job)
  2. make sure people aren’t waiting for something I’m ready to send but just haven’t got around to yet
  3. take cups/ glasses to the pause area
  4. make my * eat the frog list for the next day
  5. if I didn’t have such a love for tossing paper, I’d clear my desk during this time of any extra paper too 🙂

* What’s the eat the frog list, you say?

It’s my 5 most important things to get done the next day list.

Again, those 5 don’t always happen either but I do get at least two big things done daily.

Making that list is the best way for me to clear my mind from the current day, remind myself that I did get some things done (a day full of meetings often feels like nothing got done) and prepare mentally for the next day.

Do you have an end-of-workday routine (other than just grabbing your bag and going)?

Please share what’s on your list.

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  1. I do! I tidy my desk, make sure that emails are clear, prioritise emails for the following day and make lists to prepare as well. Also remove all dishes etc.

  2. I don’t, but I definitely should, especially the eat the frog list part. I’ll try to get this in action in the week.

  3. If I’m not rushing to catch the train (as I do most days) then I do a once over on my emails to make sure I didn’t miss anything important during the day, then make a mental or physical notes of things to get done ASAP on the next working day and listen to my voicemail if I haven’t checked it all day!
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