Organising your command centre

My command centre used to be my entrance hall table for mail… and a calendar hung up in my kitchen.

The mail comes in and out of our house so fast it’s in the recycle bin before it can blink. I’ve become more ruthless (if possible) about the in and out of paper. In fact, the recycling bag is about a metre away from this cabinet.

So what’s in our command centre?

  • week at a glance diary
  • weekly menu planning pad (used to be on our fridge but we’ve gone stainless steel)
  • two plastic envelopes to collect the kids’ arts and crafts from school once a week
  • plastic sleeve with school information
  • upcoming events (party invites) are clipped on the wall above

this is how I had to crouch to get enough distance to take the pics đŸ™‚


  • When the school newsletter arrives every month, I write in all the themes as the kids have to take something to school for the display table. We choose our items on a Saturday, by the way.
  • Also has notes for the nanny
  • And the usual stuff – parties, socials, etc.

Menu planner

I plan menus by the week. I don’t always stick to the particular day but mostly we do get to about 4 out of 5 meals a week. I particularly love knowing we have X for a meal.

I also write the kids’ suppers on there – they eat early and finish just as I arrive from work.

Which items are musts in your command centre?


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  1. Wonderful post Marcia! My command centre is a bit more mobile. As paperwork come in, I enter dates into our family calendar on my iPhone which synchronises with my laptop and my husband’s laptop and his phone. All paperwork lands on my desk, which I deal with every afternoon so that my desktop is clear by the evening. It’ll be interesting to see how the system changes once our boys begin school…
    Ronnie xo


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