Looking back on two years with my Kindle


I may have bought my Kindle quite impulsively just over two years ago after much to and fro about whether an e-reader was right for me.

At the time I also justified that the cost of getting one would be offset, book by book, because Kindle books are cheaper (even sometimes half the price, especially here in South Africa) than physical books.

Well, Amazon makes the buying process so easy and slick

I get the emails that say they recommend I have a look at these 5 books and lo and behold, those 5 books are actually books I’d read (the clever marketing people are doing their jobs very well) so off I click and another one or two are “wirelessly delivered to my device” 🙂

And then I read a few blogs and people talk about the books they’ve been reading so click, click and I’m on Amazon. With just one click, another couple are delivered to my device.

So as you can imagine, for the first couple of months (probably for the first year if I’m to be 100% honest) I bought about 8 – 10 books a MONTH. Much more than I’d normally buy if I were paying for physical books.

Simply because the process is so easy.

Of late, I’ve forced myself to first get the sample and then see if it’s any good before buying and that has worked a treat. To give you an idea, I’ve “only” bought 22 Kindle books this year.

I also love giving Kindle books as gifts. And I’ve found it very useful to quickly buy missing books in a series if I’m impatient to start reading.

Some stats on my Kindle behaviour…

But over to you!

Do you have a Kindle?

How many books have you bought on it and more importantly, how many have you read?

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  1. I never thought that I would get one but then one day I decided that the minimalism would work really well. I don’t have a lot of space in my home for books and I needed to find a way to deal with that. I have to say that the kindle has elevated my love for reading and I read more now than I read before when I was only on paper books.

    I get LOADS of books as gifts – my DH regularly buys for me and a number of my friends do the same. I think that it’s easy to be mislead by how “cheap” the books are and to go overboard with ones spending, so you do need to be quite clever about it,
    I subscribe to Jungle deals and steals – it’s a site that mails you every day and tells you which books (or apps) Amazon is giving away for free on a particular day. MANY of my “purchases” come from there. Also, a number of authors who release a new book sometimes make the book available for free for a couple of hours and sometimes I am lucky enough to be within the deadline.

    I also try to read AT LEAST 7 or so books before I purchase anything else. Otherwise they will just remain on the shelf and “gather dust”.

    I don’t have my kindle with me right now so can’t check but I know that I haven’t bought (i.e. paid for) more than 25 books this past year.

  2. I have no idea! I’ve downloaded probably around 150 and read maybe five! Ok, maybe 15. I seriously don’t like reading on it as much as my real books. But every book I’ve put on the KIndle has been free (maybe that’s why I’m not reading them!) with the exception of maybe ten that cost me .99 cents OR textbooks, which were super expensive!

    I did just download One Bite at a Time and read it through within three days, was pretty pleased I read a whole book on Kindle! 🙂

    Laura recently posted..Delivered!

    • Marcia Francois says

      Laura, sorry to say but I’ve found that all the super cheap books $1,99 have been mostly terrible and I actually got good at deleting once I read bad ones by the same author. Life is too short to read bad books, even if cheap!!! 🙂

  3. I do still love my Kindle! I don’t buy all that many books, but I enjoy having the ABILITY to buy any book I want with the touch of a finger. I read a lot more books from the library than I actually buy, and that still holds true. I do get all my review copies from NetGalley on my Kindle though, and that makes up quite a chunk of my reading as well.

    I need to get better at creating and using folders to organize my Kindle material!
    Deanna recently posted..The State of Affairs: April 2013

    • Marcia Francois says

      Aha moment – the Kindle has replaced my library books for the most part 🙂

      I’ve only had one free book (to review) but I found it hard to read on the kindle since it was sent in pdf and I still haven’t finished it 😮

  4. I prefer reading on my kindle, but for some reason over the past 2 years I seem to have bought more actually books. All from second hand charity markets. I have however bought 4 Kindle books in July alone. I have finished reading 1 and am well into my second – its Ann Wilson The Wealth Chef.

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    Looking back on two years with my Kindle

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    Looking back on two years with my Kindle

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