Tackling your life admin

I had a nice photo organising post ready to go and then when I was checking through it, I realised that my kids’ school’s is named in some of the photos.

So that will have to move to next week as I upload and fancy up new photos.

In the meantime, let’s talk about life admin.

Life admin is what I call all those pesky things you have to do to make your life run smoothly.

Last week I made a list of 22 items (I just counted) that I needed to do.

Things like buying stamps (yes, I realise I’m the last remaining person who still posts real mail), getting the last of the thank-you cards out, booking medical check-ups, holiday organising, etc.


And I churned out that list in about 5 minutes!

Thankfully, I now only have 6 left and 4 of those are phone calls… so it’s not that bad.

11-01 973

The point of this post is this – I felt like things were much more under control once the list was done. I’ve shared with you before how this always works for me.

Seeing things in writing makes you realise that it’s not that bad and it somehow feels like you’re able to tackle it.

This is actually a master list with a shorter timeline.

So today, why don’t you grab a piece of paper (or the master list from the Time Management Purpose Pack) and make yourself a life admin list.

You’ll feel better having all your little to-dos in one place and TONS better when you can tick them off.

What’s one thing on your life admin list?

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