You ask, I answer – decluttering toys so kids don’t get bored

First off, I’m finally getting around to answering the questions on this post.

The three people who are going to get a little something from me are Jacqueline, Nta and Sybil. Please send me your postal addresses ๐Ÿ™‚ so I can pop something in the mail.

organised toy storage

This unit was decluttered and organised just before my twins’ 3rd birthday (they’re now 4) because I knew that more toys would be invading our house

Jacqueline wrote

Now that my little doll is 1 (and officially a toddler) how do I decide which toys to keep and which to get rid of and how do I organise her toys (and play space in a teeny tiny room) so that she doesnโ€™t get bored of them?


Jacqui, I love that you already realise you need to declutter.

The obvious ones are the broken toys or the ones that are now too babyish. You can donate the gently-loved toys to an orphanage or try to sell them if you have the energy to organise all of the admin that goes along with it. (I don’t!)

If you’re a sentimental organiser, take photos first ๐Ÿ™‚

That should give you some space to breathe.


However, if she still has too many toys and they’re all age appropriate, then rotate them.

I use big plastic bins (always rectangular) like these ones labelled with the type of toy – blocks, puzzles, cars, animals, dress-up, etc.

We rotate every 1 – 2 weeks. I always keep favourites like the Lego and other blocks out but the rest of it gets rotated so that 1) the kids don’t get bored and 2) all the toys out all the time doesn’t feel overwhelming for them.

The toys not being played with get stored in our cottage but you could easily push them under a bed or in the wardrobe.


For maintenance, remember the age-old organising rule: one in, one out.

Prepare for birthdays and Christmas by doing a good declutter and organise beforehand.

Hope this helps.

Any other tips and tricks for Jacqui?

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