Increasing your energy during your work day

An important part of time management, at least for me, is to recognise when my energy levels are flagging vs when I’m in the zone and can focus for hours.

I’m working on a project in the Johannesburg CBD at the moment and something that’s been a real blessing is that the city is right there if I need to take a walk to clear my mind or process my thoughts.

With literally a few minutes, with the cold air on my face, I can reset, have a break and return to the office refreshed for the next part of the day.

In a previous role, I had much more control over the structure of my days and I’d purposefully schedule meetings in between some desk time so there was a natural rhythm to my day, which worked for me and resulted in my energy being high most of the time.

As an ESTJ, I need to have lots of people contact to maintain my energy but that is different for each personality type.

I remember chatting to a colleague a few months ago and I said that my perfect workday was 3 – 4 hours of meetings and then some desk time.

She is an ISTJ and said a perfect week for her was 3 – 4 hours of meetings 🙂

Isn’t that funny?

What kind of rhythm is good for you with regards to your work day?
How can you implement a few small changes to keep your energy up during the day?

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